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developing a brand with story

tehìgo is a clothing brand which opperates as a visual reminder for the power of positive thinking.  The project has been a part of the course product and service management in the second semester of my bachelor design & product management.   

tehìgo is not only a brand, but also an attitude towards life.


With the focus to create a brand and to distribute it market-ready via social commerce, we launched the brand tehìgo.  Within the development process we applied business models, management of branding and strategies of customer relationship.


The brand evolves from a strong story:
Tehìgo opperates as a visual reminder for the power of positive thinking. Every single one of us exists in his or her very own, subjective, world. That world is only experienced by our thoughts, rather by the thoughts we like to choose.

web shop

As a result, we created our own website with an online shop. In addition to many tasks such as concept design, a solution for distribution, payment services and shipping methods hat to be developed. The shop was online for over 3 years (2018-2021).

Everything you do in life, happens for a reason. That very reason are your thoughts. At the end of the day every single one of us lives in his or her own subjective world and we live it through our thoughts.

The way we think, the way we are. And what we think, we happen to attract. It’s like a bed of flowers. If there is only one blooming flower within a thousand rotten, it is up to you what you choose to see.

It is our very own choice what we want to think and therefore what we attract.


2018 developed 

2018-2021 online 

Project member

Celina Bachinger

Paula Wegenschimmel

Daniela Weisshaupt


Melanie Franziska Holzer

Sophie Rose Gregor



Branding & Storytelling FH Salzburg