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Hi I’m Celina! I am a Graphic designer. besides print, corporate design and everything inbetween i also do photography. check out my work in my portfolio.

Wanna know more? Ok. So i’m a graphic designer, a MASTER STUDENT in design and product management, a plant lover and slightly addicted to coffeE.

You guessed right, my name is Celina and I’m a design & product management student at the University of Applied Science Salzburg. I will finish my master of arts in business in 2022.
The focus of my studies has been especially on industrial design. Besides my passion to develop helpful and supporting products and to make a valuable contribution to our future, I love to dedicate myself to the graphic area. Therefore I grasped an opportunity and started working as a freelance graphic designer in 2019. Besides Graphic design i also do photographs.

may i introduce

you the team

don’t take yourself so seriously (or me)

mhm still not sure yet?

maybe i can convince you with the way i work


brief & evaluation

First of all I take a look into your brief. What are your requests, who is your customer, what are the deadlines ects.

Concept & Design

If we pull into the same direction, we talk about your concept expectations. After that I am working on the concept and the design.


After the concept & design phase we discuss the outcome and further adjustments.


Has everything been adjusted in the way you like it, I will refine the design. And thats basically it (very broken down)!